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Securing a membership of ReQuest Lifestyle Concierge is a simple process, and brings many major benefits, including:


Maximise quality time

Support from our concierge service will eliminate all the frustrations and stresses of daily life, ensuring that you maximise your quality time and get more from life.

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The ultimate in personal service

Depending on your needs, you’ll enjoy the services of a dedicated Lifestyle Manager, ready to provide precisely what you need, exactly when you need it – and, sometimes, even before you know you need it!

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A more rewarding life

Whatever experience you set your mind on having, we’ll make sure you have it - without the stress or hassle of having to plan and organise it. What's more, we’ll even suggest experiences you may not have thought of, adding richness and variety to your life.

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100% personalised support

Every member of our large, international and multilingual team of Lifestyle Managers is professional and specialist, and will support you with detailed local knowledge, wherever you may be.

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If you’d like to join our exclusive list of clients, the first step is to speak to our Membership Team. Simply complete the form, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.